Hatha Yoga For Children

Hatha yoga for children introduces yoga through simple, life enhancing asanas and offers a unique possibility for every child to experience a joyful blossoming of their natural potential.

Today, living in a competitive world demands a lot from kids. Hatha yoga helps experience more emotional and psychological balance, enhances memory and concentration.


  • Brings about physical fitness and overall wellbeing

  • Makes the sinews and ligaments of the body strong

  • Increases mental alertness and focus

  • Increases physical strength & stamina

  • Realigns the musculo-skeletal system


  • Suitable for ages 7 years and older

  • Other details upon registration

  • No previous experience of yoga is required

June 29-30 


June 29 (Sat):  8:00 to 11:00 am

June 30 (Sun):  8:00 to 11:00 am


Venue: Tech & Co,

4218 XXX Circle,

Canton OH 58711

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